Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Oui Oui

Our first long weekend trip was to PARIS!  This small amount of items above was what I packed, and it was still too much.  Next trip will be enough to fit in half my backpack and that's it.

The flight was during sunset and was absolutely gorgeous.

We actually didn't tell the girls where we were going.  I was excited to go visit France, but Kadie and Laney were EVEN MORE EXCITED.
We got in sort of late that first night.  It took a long time to get a ride to our place, and the man who was our Uber driver looked like a member of the Mafia.  Tight black clothes, slicked hair, and a huge gold chain.  The next day was much better.

This was out first morning in France!  Our apartment we rented was close to the train, and had the cutest balcony's all the way around.

Our first breakfast was FULL of these yummy fresh croissants and pastries.  The one in the middle was the favorite of everyone, so much that we found a GIANT one for the next day.

Crew and the Giant "pink bread". 
It was flavored with Rose and has sugar rose petals all over.

Here is to being in FRANCE!  BONJOUR!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Travel for Six

Our family has done our fair share of traveling, but nothing like what was coming.  This would be Crew's first time on an airplane EVER.  It would be my very first time on Europe.  It would be the first of many adventures for the summer!

How it all came about:
Josh works for a company that owns hundreds if even thousands of other entities around the world. Their international hub is in Amsterdam because it is central to so much of Europe and Asia.  He was asked to take over the controller position until a replacement was found which would take up to 6 months.  He was asked once before but it was right when we moved into our home in Brentwood, CA and right as Kadie was starting middle school so it was just not good timing and it would have been for a few years.

This time around it was just the change our family needed!  We only see Josh on the weekends, as he works in San Francisco and has about a 1.5 hr commute to and from.  I have been hard at work on my business for the last 2 years so our family needed this long sabbatical from our crazy life!  It would mean we would see Josh every day, and it also meant we would have the opportunity of a life time to travel with our children around Europe!  So the answer was YES!

And so it started with Josh leaving us about 3 weeks prior to our official family move.  He came home to tie up some loose ends at work and travel the long 10 hr flight to Amsterdam.

June 19th, Fathers Day 2016 we were off!
Kadie didn't sleep a wink the night before so she was very tired.

It was sad to leave on Fathers Day but I am lucky to have the best Father and Mother in the world that offered to take their day to drive us to the airport!

Aunt Morgan, Uncle Cade and Baby James are taking care of our house while we are away!

9 GIANT pieces of luggage, 4 pretty cool kids, 2 adults, and a lot of nerves boarding one flight.

We headed to San Francisco Airport!

Leaving was full of hugs and kisses.

Something wasn't working right at the check-in so we had to wait 1.5 hours to get all checked in.  We were worried that we would miss our flight.

Finally we made it to the gate the LAST 6 people to board the plane.  As we are headed down the hall we realize that none of our seats are together.  We had paid an extra premium price to sit together and the airline sold our tickets while we were in the long wait trying to check in. 

 We finally got on the plane and seated; Kadie by herself, Laney and Crew somewhere together, Leo and I together in the very back and of course somehow Josh got seated up front in First Class.  I was hoping they would get it all situated or I was going to kill someone.  I probably would have killed Josh since he was in first class.  Our bags were also all over the plane so I had no idea where my bag, Leo's backpack, any of our items we got ready to bring with us for the 10 hour flight were.  But eventually the awesome flight attendant got us all seated back together and Josh found all of our bags.

Leo was AMAZING on the flight.  We had no crying or fighting or any attitude from any of the kids.

Suddenly 10 hours of flying was over and we were in Amsterdam!

End result.  4 kids, 2 adults and 7 bags of luggage made it!  We got our missing 2 pieces of luggage (that were somehow left in San Francisco) to us 2 days later.

Mission Accomplished!

The Waldrons Abroad

Trying to pick up where I left off on our family blog is a little embarrassing.  I guess it only took moving half way across the world to get me in gear.

It is now 4:00 in the morning in Amsterdam and I have major jetlag.  So this blog post will have NO PICTURES and not very much content but I figured I had to start somewhere!

Here is to resuming blogging from abroad! More details to come. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4 Months Old!

Leo's little Lion all by himself pre-baby...

Baby Leo 1 month old...

Baby Leo two months old...  

Baby Leo 3 months old... 

Baby Leo 4 months old!
Look at our BIG bouncing baby boy! 

Our favorite things about Leo at 4 months...

Leo growls.  It is perfect that we named him Leo.  Just growl at him, he will do it back.  And he throws his body into it too.  Red faced, flexed arms and all!  This is almost too reminiscent of Laney and has me a little worried that he might follow in her footsteps.  At least I can say I will be prepared.

Leo loves to "talk" and does it all of the time.

His feet are always warm and because he seems to be our biggest baby yet...
they are extra squishy.

Leo loves his mama.  This is my favorite thing of all.

Chuck E Cheese's...Where a kid can be a kid!

This year, my mind is never fully awake.  Sadly, my kids are affected by that negatively sometimes.  For instance, nothing was planned for Crew's big day until the night before.  Luckily Chuck E Cheese was where he wanted to go, so really we were just making his dreams come true!  

Here are some pictures of the fun night!

My favorite thing about the birthday celebration?
Crew following Chuck E around trying to give him a Hi-five,  then "sharing" his coins with the giant mouse.  I am pretty sure that last time he saw Chuck E., Crew was scared to death.  So it was more than cute that he was trying to give him some of his limited tokens to play games with.

See below...Chuck E trying to figure out what to do with the tokens Crew gave him.
I snatched them back and put them in Crew's cup before another kid took them.


Daddy Josh came straight from work to get some whack-a-mole bonding time in with his birthday boy!




Happy Birthday Crew!  We love you, our big 4 year old boy!